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Here is the only secret of making 6 figure or more Online

Create Your Own Products.


Explainer Video Products Sells Like Crazy

You can easily generate $100,000 or MORE per year, selling your own products.

People are willing to pay $47  $97 even $147 for quality video products .


But Creating Quality Video Products is not Easy?


  • First Marketing Research You have to make sure the product you’re going to make will be ‘wanted’ or ‘needed’ by online buyers. Without doing this, you’d “blindly” make a product… … ‘hoping’ it sells. And as you know, hope is NEVER a good business plan. If you don’t do the research, you always end up losing lot of money in the end.
  • Hiring Developers You’ll have to hire developers to turn your dream product into a profitable reality, which can take months. Because let’s be honest… NOT everyone can create professional Explainer Videos…and design it to GUARANTEE the BEST product. YOU get to skip all the headaches and finances of creating this product yourself.
  • And at the End you need to pay good chunk of fortune to quality testers to determine the bugs in your product and trust me there will be lots of bugs to take care

The Hard Hitting Fact is it can take Months to Develop Top Quality Piece of Video Product and it will take lots of cash and time to hit your dream product from the ground up.


But Today I am going to give you the opportunity to Own the High Quality Explainer Video Product that will make you money Months after Months and Give you the Authority in Video Marketing Niche!

we have spent lots of time and money to develop explainer Video Express.

And Today Few Lucky People are about to be granted White Label Rights of Explainer Video Express.

so you can Sell This Premium Quality "Business in a Box" as your own product, without any of the developing,designing,testing problem getting in your way. 

What you Get

Watch the Entire White Label Right Package Below

  • 2 Doodle Animated Sales Video so you donot have to do any heavy lifting such as writing compelling sales script designing attractive animation developing your sales video Professionally every thing from sales point of view is done and ready to Rock!
  • 20 professional explainer video templates to make sure you are able to achieve success faster than ever before!
  • 10 Killer YouTube Intro Logo Videos so you can use or Resell for Maximum Profits!
  • Jaw Dropping Customizable Graphics making it simple to make your video look amazing and professional!
  • Unlimited License to Sell Explainer Video Express and Keep all the Profit every single dime is your's!

Auto  Dealer

This template works perfectly for creating animated explainer videos in the Auto Dealer niche. It comes with 4 characters, more than 10 objects ranging from various fancy characters, car keys & more and 4 creative backgrounds along with dynamic sold car credit card transaction which you will not find any where else.

Total Value: $97

Construction Contractor

This is a blockbuster  template  perfect for creating super fancy animated explainer videos in the Construction or Building Contractor niche. It comes with 6 characters, 7 objects ranging from construction equipment to heavy lifters tools and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $97

Real Estate

This super awesome  video  template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Housing and Real Estate niche. It comes with 7 characters, 6 objects ranging from for sale signs, house backgrounds to Real Estate Sales Person to all the way down to funny frog with for sale sign for Housing Market.
Total Value: $97

Product Launch Video

This is a Perfect animated product pre launch video template and the best part is you can customize it any way you want and it has  every thing to describe your message to  your pre-launch prospects.It is perfect to create buzz for your product as well.

Total Value: $97

Health & Fitness

This is great template for creating animated explainer videos in the Health & Fitness niche. It comes with 4 characters, and different backgrounds and objects ranging from exercise machines to fitness tools.

Total Value: $97

Local Diner

This template is great for creating animated explainer videos in the Restaurant or Local Diner niche. It comes with 4 characters, 9 objects ranging from various fast foods to restaurant items and 3  fancy backgrounds to create your scenes with real class.

Total Value: $97


This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Dental niche. It comes with 8 characters, 6 objects ranging from various different dental equipment and 3 backgrounds to create your scene and state of the art ending to show case your Dental advertisement Clip to a New Level
Total Value: $97

Pizza Restaurant

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Local Pizza  niche. It comes with 5 characters, 6 objects ranging from pizza  to restaurant items and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes including with special animated ending.
Total Value: $97

Video Sales Letter

This is some thing i would recommend every one to have it as a weapon so when ever  you need to launch a new product ....bring out the weapon from your sleeves and roll with it. it will convert viewers in to buyers Period!
Total Value: $97

Internet Revolution Journey

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in internet marketing niche or you can implement any idea and through in to this revolutionary template and it will give you goosebumps...it has so much variety and anticipation which will keep you on your feet
Total Value: $97

More Advance Templates to Cover Super Hot Niches

Youtube Logo Intro's to give you Power Boost for your Brand Recognition

Ideas Logo Intro!  

Total Value: $97

Dreamix Logo Intro!

  Total Value: $97

Lost Castle Logo Intro! 

     Total Value: $97

    Spinners Logo Intro! 

      Total Value: $97

Twistie Tip Intro Logo! 

    Total Value: $97

Ptsl Intro Logo! 

Total Value: $97

Cinematic Intro Logo !    

Total Value: $97

      Cool Logo Intro!

       Total Value: $97

DesLogoz Intro Logo!

Total Value: $97

Dynamic Intro Logo!

Total Value: $97

Customizable Graphics to add extra Layer of Authority to your Videos


  • How does the White Label Rights Work!

It is very Easy when you purchase Explainer Video Express you will have all the rights to sell the entire suite as your own product.

  • What Rights Do I get.?

Every thing:) Explainer Video Express and it's Entire Suite will be Your's to sell.

  • Can I sell it at any price I want.?

Yes at any price you like.

  • Can I give it away as a Bonus.?

Sure you can bundle it and give away as an epic bonus to make your customers really happy and they will thank you for it.

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